How Do I Order NFL Sunday Ticket For Business On Cable?

NFL Sunday Ticket is now available for any cable TV provider to offer to their business customers. Call (800) 617-5860 for a quote.

In the past NFL Sunday Ticket for Business has been a DIRECTV exclusive. Now, through partnership with the NFL, EverPass Media is the exclusive distributor of NFL Sunday Ticket for all commercial establishments. Everpass Media has opened it up to all cable providers although not all cable providers have decided to take the package as of this writing. Call (800) 617-5860 to review whether your cable provider is currently offering it. Additionally you can review if your cable provider offers Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football, Apple TV MLB Friday Night Baseball, MLS League Pass, and ESPN+ for business.

Here are some benefits of getting exclusive sports programming for your restaurant:

  • Attract more customers: NFL Sunday Ticket is a popular service, and offering it at your restaurant can attract more customers.
  • Increase sales: Customers who come to your restaurant to watch NFL games are more likely to spend money on food, drinks, and alcohol.
  • Create a more festive atmosphere: Watching NFL games with other fans can create a more festive atmosphere at your restaurant increasing overall customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.

If you are a business owner who is interested in attracting more customers, increasing sales, and encouraging repeat visitors then offering NFL Sunday Ticket along with other exclusive sports programming can be a game changer. Dial (800) 617-5860 for more information and you’ll be connected to a cable/satellite specialist that can help you find out what’s available on your current cable provider.

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