Attract Customers with MLS on DirecTV for Business

Attract soccer fans and boost your business with Major League Soccer (MLS) on DirecTV for Business! In this competitive landscape, offering captivating live sports is essential for bars, restaurants, and other businesses. MLS, with its exploding fanbase and exhilarating matches, delivers an edge over competitors.

Target Passionate Fans

MLS boasts the fastest-growing fanbase in major North American sports leagues. By offering every match (no blackouts!) with DirecTV for Business’s MLS Season Pass, you tap into this loyal and enthusiastic audience, driving consistent traffic and building customer loyalty.

Unleash Variety

Engage a wider audience with 29 diverse teams across the US and Canada, each with unique playing styles and passionate supporters. Whether your customers favor the technical finesse of LAFC or the electrifying atmosphere of Seattle Sounders, there’s something for everyone.

Go Beyond the Game

DirecTV for Business offers more than just matches. Immerse your customers with pre-game shows, post-game analysis, exclusive interviews, and highlights, keeping them glued to the screens even during breaks. This creates a truly immersive and engaging experience.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Studies show that live sports significantly increase sales in bars and restaurants. Showcase every MLS match and create a reason for customers to visit frequently, spend more time, and return for key games. Leverage the excitement for special viewing parties and events, maximizing your revenue potential.

Simple & Cost-Effective

Integrating MLS with your DirecTV for Business setup is easy and affordable. The MLS Season Pass is an add-on package, seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure. With a dedicated support team and flexible installation options, getting started is hassle-free.

Beyond MLS: DirecTV for Business offers a comprehensive sports package, including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Attract fans of various sports and maximize your appeal to a wider audience.

Score the Winning Goal: Don’t just show sports, show MLS! Partner with DirecTV for Business and witness the winning impact on your business:

  • Attract passionate soccer fans
  • Offer an unmatched viewing experience
  • Create a vibrant atmosphere
  • Boost your bottom line

Contact us today and experience the power of MLS!

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